Tips for Finding the Right Land For Sale in Texas

By |Published On: August 16th, 2022|
land for sale in Texas

As you drive through the Texas Hill Country back to San Antonio or Austin after another weekend in Fredricksburg, your favorite winery or state park, take a moment to imagine what your life could look like if you lived there. In fact you may have even recently searched for land for sale in Texas to see if you could make your dream into a reality.

With increasing tax rates, an unstable economy, and a peaked city and suburban housing market, now is one of the best times to purchase land. You’ve worked your entire life to get where you are. Now’s the time to make the right investment, and there’s no better place than the Texas Hill Country.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Land for Sale in Texas

Purchasing land in Hill Country is undoubtedly different than buying a house in the city or suburbs. Here are some tips to consider as you think about your move.

Is bigger always better?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying property is assuming that it’s better to have a huge tract of land. You may dream of all the recreational activities you will enjoy on your hundreds of acres of rolling hills.

However, with great tracts of land comes great responsibility. Such properties need constant upkeep and management. Do you have time for these added responsibilities? Have you considered the additional operational expenses – much less the taxes? Unless you buy a working ranch, most Hill Country landowners find under 20-acre tracts to be a tipping point for a residential property. A property of this size feels bigger than it actually is. Additionally, it is a manageable size to care for and goes for a reasonable price.

buying land in Texas

There are other ways to purchase land that feels bigger than it is –without breaking the bank. For example, consider the common acreage in the development. If your land shares boundaries with parks or common space, 10 acres could feel like 100 acres at a fraction of the cost.

How will you get utilities?

Before you start building your dream home in your mind, do a quick reality check. For example, how much will it cost to get power to your property? What about water? What kind of internet is available in the area?

Buying raw land may sound romantic – until you realize that the purchase price only covers the acreage without access to basic utilities. So, consider purchasing land in Texas that already includes the required infrastructure, preferably underground – including fiber for those needing dependable wi-fi for your home office.

What about your neighbors?

You may like the idea of buying land in the Texas Hill Country because you can’t wait to drink your morning coffee while enjoying magnificent views. However, what happens if your views are disrupted by inconsiderate neighbors who clutter their property?

When you buy land, you take a risk on someone building something on the neighboring property that will lower your resale value. A well-thought-out development plan and HOA are critical, not a liability, especially with larger acreage lots. Be sure to check out the covenant and building restrictions to make sure you protect your investment.

How far out are you willing to be from the city?

Do a quick property search outside of Austin. You might be shocked by the prices. However, sometimes land is more affordable the farther away you are from cities. How far are you willing to go to purchase a property in Hill Country? How far away are you willing to be from Costco, Target, or H-E-B plus? Or the airport or large hospital?

There are properties available, especially along the 281 corridors between Marble Falls and Johnson City, that are within comfortable driving distance to the cities you love. And some of these acreages are close to hospitals, groceries, and entertainment.

Purchase Land with Confidence at Round Mountain Reserve

There’s much more to consider during the land-buying process than when you bought your first home. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t perfect properties available for you.

Round Mountain Reserve offers 6 to 12-acre lots within minutes of all the necessary conveniences in Blanco County. In addition, our properties were precisely planned so that each homeowner has a protected view corridor. That means your view will be protected – and all of your neighbors will have agreed to honor the area’s natural landscape. This is true also with the engineering and placement of our roads and amenities. Round Mountain Reserve provides underground utilities (including electric, propane, and fiber), and there are more than 50 acres of shared park and green space filled with miles of walking trails.

Live deliberately and purposefully in this beautiful and protected area. Learn more about this perfect property by scheduling a tour at Round Mountain Reserve.