Buying Land in the Texas Hill Country: 5 Things to Consider

By |Published On: July 12th, 2022|
buying land in Texas Hill Country

Those who feel drawn to rural life couldn’t find a better place for buying land than the Texas Hill Country. The Texas Hill Country features gorgeous rolling hills and plentiful wildlife – while still living within a comfortable distance from some of the best cities in the world.

As you begin looking for Hill Country property, you will soon discover a big difference between buying a house in San Antonio or Austin and a ranch. Unfortunately, many buyers feel unprepared for such a purchase. So here are a few things to consider when buying rural land in Texas.

Considerations When Buying Land in the Texas Hill Country

You are ready for Hill Country living, but there’s a lot to consider when finding the right property for your dream home. As properties with acreage come on the market, here are some things to focus on – other than the purchase price.

View Corridors

One of the reasons you may be looking for Texas property is because you are craving an open landscape. You’re ready to see the sunrise as you drink your morning cup of coffee, and you find beauty in raw land instead of manicured lawns.

However, some land buyers who move to Central Texas dreaming of country life are disappointed with their view once the area surrounding their property is developed.

Tip: Pay attention to how much thought the developer put into positioning the lots. Ideal developers work with engineers to ensure open view corridors, so you see miles of Texas, not your neighbor’s rooftop. Make sure that a potential build site won’t destroy your beautiful sunrise views. 

Community Space

Another thing to consider when purchasing land is the amount of green space dedicated to community parks and trails. Of course, this land isn’t simply a place for families to gather for outdoor recreation. It also provides corridors and natural bedding areas for Texas wildlife.

Tip: Look for a development that works in collaboration with nature and encourages landowners to preserve and honor the natural surroundings.


Sometimes people get so caught up in the privacy of being a Texas land owner that they don’t consider how they access utilities in their homes. Getting electricity, natural gas, and high-speed internet is a big deal in rural areas. Developers such as Round Mountain Reserve not only develop the above-ground structure – they also build out the underground structure and wire the space fiber internet access.

Tip: Ask the developer who pays for utility access – as these costs are sometimes not included with the purchase of the land. Also, seek out areas where lines are buried underground.

Homeowner’s Associations

Of course, you are excited to get your own piece of Texas property out in the country. However, when buying land in a rural area, you often get no say in what happens outside your property boundaries – that is, unless you have an organization to protect you.

Tip: Protect your investment by purchasing a property with an HOA community. An HOA’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions won’t only protect your property value, but it will also protect your views. 


Your land agent may show you several properties in Central and South Texas, but how do you select one that is right for you?

Tip: Pay attention to the neighboring amenities, local attractions, proximity to hospitals, and nearby developments’ current and future phases. Also, compare the county property tax rates, tax exemptions, and wildlife exemptions.

Not All Hill Country Land is the Same

If you are ready to move out of the city but are concerned with problems with buying land in the country, contact Round Mountain Reserve about land for sale in Round Mountain, TX.

There you will find well-positioned homesites that overlook beautiful natural scenery. Round Mountain Reserve allows you to maintain a beautiful balance between privacy and community. The reserve boasts over 55 acres of green space, giving plenty of room for the nearby wildlife to roam.

Round Mountain Reserve offers practical considerations you won’t receive when buying any other type of Texas ranch. For example, the utility lines are buried and included in the cost. And an HOA will protect your investment.

Schedule a tour at Round Mountain Reserve to learn more about Hill Country living.