Looking for Texas Hill Country Land and Ranches for Sale?

By |Published On: December 18th, 2021|
Texas Hill Country Land for Sale

Are you looking for Texas Hill Country land for sale? You may have already scoured the land listings for the South Texas and Central Texas regions to no avail. However, we would like to help you learn more about the area so you can find a ranch property with stunning views that are conveniently located near recreational opportunities and community amenities.

If you are tired of suburban views and wish to live every day like you are on a weekend getaway, learn more about buying farms ranches in the Texas Hill Country.

Where is the Hill Country in Texas?

You probably have heard a lot about the farms and ranches available in the Texas Hill Country, but you might not know how to search real estate listings for a property in that area. The counties that are included in Hill Country are the following:

  • Bell County
  • Blanco County
  • Burnet County
  • Comal County
  • Coryell County
  • Gillespie County
  • Hays County
  • Lampasas County
  • Llano County
  • San Saba County
  • Travis County
  • Williamson County

In short, Texas Hill Country is located where West Texas, Central Texas, and South Texas come together. Are you ready to purchase a property in that region? First, let’s learn more about this area made famous for its Texas Hill Country ranches so that you know how to narrow down the listings.

What is the Texas Hill Country known for?

Hill Country is located in the Edwards Plateau. Its “karst topography” was formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, which resulted in vast caves and aquifers. The region’s caves are home to a great deal of wildlife –making it a perfect place for hunting.

property for sale in Round Mountain, TX

Additionally, the caverns provide recreational opportunities, such as visiting the Natural Bridge Caverns and Longhorn Cavern State Park.

Besides being known for its limestone and granite, the region is home to large Texas ranches and farms. And since Texas is a state based on the cowboy way of life, we find it fair to state that this region is the heart and soul of Texas.

What is the weather like in the Texas Hill Country?

This area is an excellent place for ranches and farms because the weather patterns allow for year-round outdoor activities. The region has a semi-arid climate, and winters tend to be mild. Summers may have higher temperatures, but the low humidity makes it feel cooler than the reading on the thermometer.

What are some things to do in the Hill Country area?

If you’ve not experienced Hill Country for a weekend getaway, plan one soon. There are lots to do –including all sorts of outdoor recreation. You could enjoy a lazy float down a river or a cool dip in an emerald green swim hole. 

You might be interested in visiting one of the area wineries or large neighboring Texas ranches that offer horseback riding and lasso lessons. 

It is also one of the best areas in Texas for hunting and hiking. In short, this region of Texas has something for everyone.

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Is Texas Hill Country a good place to retire?

Yes, the Texas Hill Country is a great place to live and retire. The properties are larger than what you would find in a suburban area, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Are you ready to move away from the congestion of Colorado or San Antonio and search for a property with more acreage, elevated views, and an abundance of wildlife? Then, you might be ready to buy land in Texas.

Here’s more information about buying residential property in Central Texas and South Texas. Please allow us to help you in your search for properties.

The best areas to buy land near Austin, TX:

Are you looking forward to selling your home in the suburbs and moving your family to a home with acreage? Here’s what you need to know about the counties in the Texas Hill Country so that you can narrow down the sale listings for farms and ranches in the region.

Blanco County

Blanco County gets its name from the Blanco River that traverses the county. The beautiful valleys in Blanco County are known for farms that grow peanuts, peaches, pecans, and pears.

Johnson City, the county seat, was the home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Tourism became an important industry in the 1960s because of its connection with the LBJ ranch.

Blanco County features several recreation areas known for stunning views, including Blanco State Park and Pedernales Falls State Park. In addition, many different property types are available in Blanco County – some for an amazingly low price. 

property for sale in Blanco County, TX

Round Mountain, TX

Round Mountain is a small community in Blanco County known for amazing views, and pristine land left unchanged by developments that pack in five homes per acre. In fact, properties with large acres are for sale in this growing community.

If you are looking for Texas Hill Country land for sale (or ranches for sale) in the Edwards Plateau, contact Round Mountain Reserve. Our twelve-to-fifteen-acre ranches feature views of the rolling Hill Country terrain.

Our careful restrictions and architectural guidelines preserve the natural setting so that your family can enjoy rural living. Besides having your own acreage for hunting and exploring, you will also be able to enjoy the neighborhood system of trails, creeks, and fishing ponds.

Blanco, TX

Blanco is a cattle and ranching community. But, even though the number of households is in the hundreds instead of thousands, more suburban families searching for a better way of life are finding their way to the region.

Johnson City, TX

Even though Johnson City, TX is known for being the hometown of LBJ, people come to the area for wildlife hunting ranges and other recreational opportunities.

Comal County

Comal County is located south of Blanco County and is part of the San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area.

New Braunfels, TX

This fast-growing city in Comal County has an estimated population of over 90,000. New Braunsfels is known for its German/Texas heritage.

Spring Branch, TX

Spring Branch is a small community in Comal County. It’s named for a spring-fed creek that flows into the Guadalupe River. Like New Braunsfels, many Spring Ranch residents are descendants of German settlers.

Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake is a popular tourist destination, as it features a dam, lake, and reservoir created and managed by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers.

Hays County

Hays County is located east of Blanco and Comal counties. It is often considered part of the Austin metropolitan area.

Dripping Springs, TX

Located west of Austin, Dripping Springs labels itself as the Gateway to the Hill Country.

Wimberly, TX

Wimberly is a small ranching community located southwest of Austin and northeast of San Antonio.

Gillespie County

While previously a center for crop farms, Gillespie County has recently become popular for pasture land and hayfields. Cattle and sheep are raised throughout the county. 

Fredricksburg, TX

Fredericksburg is known for agritourism and features peach farms, lavender farms, and wineries. This Texas community is also home to day spas and wedding venues.

Harper, TX

Harper, Texas, is located west of Fredericksburg.

Williamson County

Williamson County, Texas, is part of the Austin metropolitan area. The Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge is located in western Williamson County and is a habitat for the golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo.

Liberty Hill, TX

Liberty Hill is a small community considered part of the Austin metropolitan area.

Florence, TX

Florence, Texas, is found 40 miles north of Austin. The site was settled in the early 1850s and briefly called Brooksville.

How much is land per acre in the Texas Hill Country?

It’s not a surprise to learn that the average price of land per acre in this region is rising. A recent publication in 2021 reported the average price as $4,424 per acre. However, the market for acreage near Fredericksburg is reported as being as much as almost $20,000 per acre.

Where can I find the perfect Hill Country ranch for sale?

Those searching for Texas Hill Country land and ranches for sale might become frustrated by the property listings they find online. You might think that you have found a Texas ranch for sale only to visit the site and find your neighbors’ properties within sight of your own.

texas hill country ranches

If you’ve ever searched for a piece of property perfect for hunting and outdoor recreation only to find a field that has been stripped of its natural beauty, then you need to explore the beautiful ranches at Round Mountain Reserve.

Round Mountain Reserve

If you are looking for land for sale in the Blanco County region, or any area in the Texas Hill Country, be sure to get in touch with Round Mountain Reserve’s expert real estate team. Round Mountain Reserve is a two-thousand-acre conservation development that honors wildlife conservation as its guiding principle. 

Besides offering stunning views, the Reserve has created a sanctuary for your family to grow while connecting with the land.

Purchase a Texas Hill Country Ranch

Reach out to us to discuss the availability of the twelve-to-fifteen-acre private ranches. If you are tired of the view out of your suburban window, make an appointment with Round Mountain Reserve. Soon, you can have a house located on acreage – you’ll own your own Texas ranch.