Planned to Prosper

At Round Mountain Reserve, we believe you need to experience the land for yourself. We plan custom guided tours, tailored to your specific interests, for each of our prospective residents. Our immersive tours cover a lot of ground, so you can get a feel for the authentic lifestyle of our community. Once you breathe the crisp air, explore the rolling hills and soak in the scenery, you will know if this is truly the right place for you. Come explore all of the possibilities of living at Round Mountain.

Be one of the first to build a home at Round Mountain Reserve. We are now selling a limited number of six-to-twenty-four acre homesites around the foot of Round Mountain. These initial tracts of land feature unparalleled views of the mountain and surrounding countryside. Guided by a comprehensive master plan, our approach is designed to reduce our impact on the natural landscape, minimize disruptions for residents and support future generations, encouraging organic growth within the community. Schedule a site visit to be a part of Phase Two at Round Mountain.