Keeping What’s Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Battle of Round Mountain

In the 1850s, Edward Ebeling, the caretaker of a large European estate, immigrated to America and staked his original claim on this special piece of property. For more than 150 years, the Ebeling family has proudly stewarded the land that is now available to you.

Round Mountain Reserve is comprised of 2,000 acres of uncultivated land, passed down through the Ebeling family, in the Texas Hill Country. Every detail of our masterplan has been thoughtfully crafted to build a community which preserves the natural surroundings and provides modern comforts. This is a place for your family to settle for generations to come. With a limited number of homesites, the authentic setting will be preserved through responsible architecture efforts that honor the natural environment.

Led By the Land

Round Mountain Reserve is surrounded by the iconic, rolling hills of the Edwards Plateau. This majestic landscape spans woodlands glades, wildflower fields, and rocky canyons. Here, the skies are big, the stars are bright and the views are grand.

Elevated by nature

Round Mountain Reserve is a thoughtfully crafted community centered around a distinct regional landmark in the Texas Hill Country. Early settlers were inspired by the unique shape of the mountain and named the area ‘Round Mountain’ in honor of its historic peak.





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With our stewardship, the land will keep thriving for generations.

Respect for the land guides our community. Round Mountain Reserve is a natural sanctuary. Many species of native plants and animals flourish here. This pristine place is protected through diligent planning and wildlife management with the guidance of Texas’s top environmental planning groups. We have studied the soil and stones, the plants and animals and the hills and valleys. We know where the birds nest, the wildflowers blossom and the waters drain. We have carefully integrated all the necessary preparations for modern living without interrupting the delicate ecosystem of the land. The homesites are built around the foot of the mountain rather than on top of it. The roads are designed around the old oak and cedar trees. Large open spaces preserve the views, and an extensive trail system creates wildlife corridors and connects the properties.


We’ve created a unique opportunity to find solitude without isolation. Life at Round Mountain Reserve is overflowing with possibilities, wildlife, tasteful modern conveniences, and accessibility. Our homesteads have been carefully architected to provide an outdoor sanctuary while still maintaining quick access to surrounding metro areas and proximity to local hospitals, groceries, and wineries. Our community blends the comforts of luxury, natural amenities, and seclusion.

Higher Values

What we stand for sets us apart from other communities. Craftsmanship. Stewardship. Connectivity. Legacy. These are the guiding principles that bind us together and keep us moving forward. We are building a flourishing future in the most natural way possible.

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