Our Home Design Guidelines Preserve the Natural Landscape and Wildlife

By |Published On: May 18th, 2021|
View of Round Mountain Reserve natural landscape in Texas Hill Country

How Our Home Design Guidelines Preserve the Natural Landscape and Wildlife

The landscape of Round Mountain Reserve is unique in that it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna native to the Texas Hill Country. The scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere invite you to experience a new kind of lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide land for homes that become one with the Hill Country’s landscape. RMR works to provide intentional homes for individuals and families who have a desire to live in nature. Every house will be built to complement, rather than compete with, their natural surroundings.

The Role of the Round Mountain Architectural Review Committee

The ARC adheres to specific guidelines set in place by Round Mountain Reserve. Before any construction begins on a plot, the land is surveyed to develop a site analysis of every aspect of the land and its natural setting. The goal is to ensure any new structures will be in complete harmony with any existing buildings and natural vegetation.

What Does it Mean to Build and Design With Nature?

The guidelines for building were developed by ARC. Before construction begins, approval must be received. Every home built at the Round Mountain Reserve must strictly adhere to the guidelines. This ensures that new homes reflect surrounding nature. A conscientious effort is made to support healthy living and preserve the strong diversity of both plants and Texas wildlife. To achieve this, the ARC guidelines provide direction for appropriate land management, landscaping, and adherence to architectural design restrictions. Some flexibility is allowed so that owners have the opportunity for individual expression while continuing to protect Round Mountain’s unique natural identity.

Guidelines for Round Mountain Home Designs

The ARC guidelines are in place to preserve the area’s natural qualities. Each home site is unique and may have different buildable portions. Approved floor plans and homes will relate to the natural setting in terms of color, form, and structure. Consideration must be given to other structures and features like a lagoon, open area, a neighbor’s yard, or a golf course. Guidelines cover three broad areas.

  • Homesite design. The site design deals with ranch tracts and features like meadows, wilderness areas, and waterways. Building orientation, grading and drainage, and retaining wall guidelines are explained. Other features covered by homesite design guidelines include walls, fences, site lighting, paths, and outdoor spaces like driveways and parking areas.
  • Architectural design. Architectural design guidelines include all the elements of the structures to be built including roofing, garages and carports, porches, massing, and the structure’s orientation. Guidelines also stipulate the use of outdoor lighting, doors, and windows, and shading devices to ensure they work well and blend with the natural surroundings.
  • Landscape design. Each site will receive a list of specifically approved plants and approved irrigation measures. Non-native, invasive plants are highly discouraged except in well-contained areas.

Constructing a Round Mountain Reserve Home

The approval process may be extensive and detailed, but we can assure anyone who is seriously considering joining the RMR community that the design process is well worth it. Each home at Round Mountain Reserve will be a unique masterpiece that complements the beauty of its natural surroundings. 

If you’d like more information about building a home in the Hill Country region, please contact us to speak with a qualified representative.